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Fishkeeping is a very common hobby and an easy one to start. What's challenging is is to be able to continue the hobby. Very often most people give up on fish keeping.

Reasons being:

  • Water - Gets contaminated too soon.
  • Fish - All of a sudden they start dying and you'd hate to see that happen
  • Cleanliness - Sometimes, it just becomes a burden cleaning the tank

All the points above are inter-related. If you can crack 1-2 of them, you might have a better experience with your fishkeeping hobby.

I've been an aquarist for just about 2 years. I've been a victim of all the 3 above bulleted problems. But now, I have kinda worked it out and haven't had any trouble.

Tips: You'll find plenty of online information on do's and don'ts on this topic. Here's my thought derived from them and with my 2 years of observation.

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