Laptop Mode Tools 1.73

Laptop Mode Tools: Power Savings Tool for Linux

Laptop Mode Tools 1.73 I am pleased to announce the release of Laptop Mode Tools version 1.73 This release includes many bug fixes. For user convenience, 2 command options have been added. rrs@priyasi:~$ laptop_mode -h **************************** Following user commands are understood status : Display a Laptop Mode Tools power savings status power-stats : Display the power statistics on the machine power-events : Trap power related events on the machine help : Display this help message (--help, -h) version : Display program version (--version, -v) **************************** 15:22 ♒ ॐ ☺ 😄 rrs@priyasi:~$ sudo laptop_mode status [sudo] password for rrs: Mounts: /dev/mapper/nvme0n1p4_crypt on / type btrfs (rw,noatime,compress=zstd:3,ssd,space_cache,autodefrag,subvolid=5,subvol=/) /dev/nvme0n1p3 on /boot type ext4 (rw,relatime) /dev/nvme0n1p1 on /boot/efi type vfat (rw,relatime,fmask=0077,dmask=0077,codepage=437,iocharset=ascii,shortname=mixed,utf8,errors=remount-ro) /dev/fuse on /run/user/1000/doc type fuse (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=1000,group_id=1000) Drive power status: Cannot read /dev/[hs]d[abcdefgh], permission denied - /usr/sbin/laptop_mode needs to be run as root (NOTE: drive settings affected by Laptop Mode cannot be retrieved. [Read More]

Laptop Mode Tools 1.72

What a way to make a gift! I’m pleased to announce the 1.72 release of Laptop Mode Tools. Major changes include the port of the GUI configuration utility to Python 3 and PyQt5. Some tweaks, fixes and enhancements in current modules. Extending {black,white}list of devices to types other than USB. Listing of devices by their devtype attribute. A filtered list of changes is mentioned below. For the full log, please refer to the git repository. [Read More]

Laptop Mode Tools 1.71

I am pleased to announce the 1.71 release of Laptop Mode Tools. This release includes some new modules, some bug fixes, and there are some efficiency improvements too. Many thanks to our users; most changes in this release are contributions from our users. A filtered list of changes in mentioned below. For the full log, please refer to the git repository. Source tarball, Feodra/SUSE RPM Packages available at: Debian packages will be available soon in Unstable. [Read More]

Laptop Mode Tools 1.70

I’m pleased to announce the release of Laptop Mode Tools, version 1.70. This release adds support for AHCI Runtime PM, introduced in Linux 4.6. It also includes many important bug fixes, mostly related to invocation and determination of power states. Changelog: 1.70 - Sat Sep 24 16:51:02 IST 2016 * Deal harder with broken battery states * On machines with 2+ batteries, determine states from all batteries * Limit status message logging frequency. [Read More]

Laptop Mode Tools 1.69 Released

Today is an auspicious day. For those who know (or follow) the Hindu religion will be familiar; Today is Maha Shivaratri![](/images/LMT-Maha- Shivaratri.jpeg) On this day, It is great delight for me to be able to release Laptop Mode Tools, version 1.69 This release adds on many bug fixes and some enhancements. There is a new module (disabled by default) for cpuhotplug. The release tarball also includes a basic PolicyKit file for convenience, that packagers can use for the Laptop Mode Tools Graphical Configuration Interface. [Read More]

Linux Power Savings 2016

Having moved to a new place, now at times, I also have to deal with power outages. As heat increases, the power outages will be much longer and more frequent. So much, that UPS and Power Inverters run out. Such are ideal times to measure idle power consumption for my laptop. Here’s what my default (and idle) OS looks like. It should be standard to most “typical” users. Some minor odds could be apport, dnsmasq, and maybe, tor. [Read More]

Laptop Mode Tools 1.68.1

I am please to announce the release of Laptop Mode Tools 1.68.1. The last release (1.68) was mostly about systemd integration, and so is this release. There were a couple of bugs reported, and most of them fixed, with this release. All downstreams are requested to upgrade. For RPM packages for Fedora and OpenSUSE (Tumbleweed), please see the homepage. 1.68.1 - Sun Sep 27 14:00:13 IST 2015 * Update details about runtime-pm in manpage * Revert "Drop out reload" * Log error more descriptively * Write to common stderr. [Read More]

Laptop Mode Tools - 1.68

I am please to announce the release of Laptop Mode Tools, version 1.68. This release is mainly focused on integration with the newer init system, systemd. Without the help from the awesome Debian systemd maintainers, this would not have been possible. Thank you folks. While the focus now is on systemd, LMT will still support the older SysV Init. With this new release, there are some new files: laptop-mode.service, laptop- mode. [Read More]

Laptop Mode Tools 1.67

I am pleased to announce the release of Laptop Mode Tools, version 1.67. This release has many important bug fixes, and everyone is recommended to upgrade. Of the many, one important fix is to, more reliably check for Device Mapper based devices, which is common these days with Crypt and LVM. For the summary of changes to quote from git log: 1.67 - Thu Jul 2 17:05:07 IST 2015 * Relax minimum window size to accomodate low res screens * Fix variable name to comply with our "constants" assuptions * Get more aggressive in power saving for Intel HD Audio * Account Device Mapper devices * Add swsusp freeze support * Switch battery-level-polling default to True * Detect ethernet carrier, early and relibaly * changes the boolean setting *_ACTIVATE_SATA_POWER to a customizable *_SATA_POLICY, with backward-compatible defaults and documentation Thanks Yuir D'Elia PS: On a side note, over the years, Linux’s power savings functionality has improved a lot, all thanks to its use in the mobile worlds. [Read More]

Laptop Mode Tools 1.66

I am pleased to announce the release of Laptop Mode Tools at version 1.66. This release fixes an important bug in the way Laptop Mode Tools is invoked. Users, now when disable it in the config file, the tool will be disabled. Thanks to bendlas @github for narrowing it down. The GUI configuration tool has been improved, thanks to Juan. And there is a new power saving module for users with ATI Radeon cards. [Read More]