Acidity and Hyperacidity

Acidity and Hyperacidity Acidity refers to the production of excessive hydrochloric acid from the gastric cells. Due to overproduction of the acid there is feeling of heartburn in the region of chest and a person may have sour eructation. There are different remedies available in the market for acidity and hyperacidity. Natural cure for acid reflux includes natural remedies that give quick relief from heartburn and sour eructation. It is easy to find acid reflux natural treatment. [Read More]


Adenitis What is Adenitis? Adenitis refers to the inflammation of lymph glands present in our body. Lymph nodes are present everywhere in human body. The main symptoms of adenitis are pain and swelling. Adenoids of different body parts are given different names depending upon their location. Inflammation from one part may reach to other parts of the body. Mainly bacteria or virus is responsible for producing the infection. When inflammation is not diagnosed at an early stage it may further develop and grow into a tumour. [Read More]

Patanjali Research Foundation

PSA: Research in the domain of Ayurveda I am so glad to see this initiative taken by the Patanjali group. This is a great stepping stone in the health and wellness domain. So far, Allopathy has been blunt in discarding alternate medicine practices, without much solid justification. The only, repetitive, response I’ve heard is “lack of research”. This initiative definitely is a great step in that regard. Ayurveda (Ancient Hindu art of healing) has a huge potential to touch lives. [Read More]

Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is a disease that affects the intestines. There is inflammation of the colon and rectum. The main cause of ulcerative colitis may be recurrent infections. Bacteria or virus is the most important cause of ulcerative colitis. It may result due to infection in other parts of the body. It is a chronic disease. It usually occurs during the young age. There are small ulcers present in the colon or rectum. [Read More]


To quote the 1st Google result: the traditional Hindu system of medicine (incorporated in Atharva Veda, the last of the four Vedas), which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing. To quote WIkipedia: _Ayurveda_ names three elemental substances, the doshas (called Vata, Pitta and Kapha), and states that a balance of the doshas results in health, while imbalance results in disease. [Read More]