Offline Package Manager - apt-offline

A copy of this article is also available at: This article is about Offline Package Management in Debian. Debian is a pretty well known project. One of the things that makes Debian very popular is APT (a.k.a Advanced Packaging Tool) which allows remote package downloads, upgrades and dependency resolution. Unfortunately it does require a network connection - unless you use apt-offline. In Debian, when you need to install a package, you usually would fire up the apt-get command and the software would just install without any hand holding. [Read More]

apt-offline 1.1

I just completed the release of apt-offline version 1.1. This release has many bug fixes, adds basic proxy support and has a new Advanced Options window for the Get operation.

apt offline advanced options

apt-offline - 1.0

Hello World. I am very pleased to announce apt-offline , version 1.0. This release adds a Graphical User Interace to apt-offline. Big thanks to Abhishek Mishra and Manish Sinha who did all the development work to make this GUI happen. Help: I was wondering if there is a logo for APT that I could use in the big blank space on the main window. Apart from the GUI, there are a bunch of bug fixes in this release (which have already been made available for the Squeeze release also). [Read More]

pypt-offline goodness

I created pypt-offline with the hope that it’d be useful for people who don’t have an internet connection but would still like to enjoy Debian. Enjoying Debian is about enjoying its Package Manager, APT. I don’t have any data to show if pypt-offline is in use by anybody. I too, use it rarely, when at my hometown. But I hope people who use it, find it useful. At my hometown, I use internet service from my friend’s ISP. [Read More]