apt-offline 1.7.2 released

I am happy to announce the release of apt-offline 1.7.2. This has turned out in time for the next release of Debian, i.e. Debian Stretch. A long standing cosmetic issue in CLI of the progress bar total item count has been fixed. There are also a bunch of other bug fixes, for which the specifics are present in the git logs. Also, in this release, we’ve tried to catch-up on the Graphical Interface, adding the GUI equivalent of the features, that were added to apt-offline in the recent past. [Read More]


I am available as a Freelancer providing Consultancy and AMCs. Support offering includes specialization in Free Software , GNU/Linux, and other Unix like operating system based solutions, providing customized consulting to small and medium size businesses.

  • Integration and Interoperability with foreign products
  • Network Solutions: Web, Client/Server
  • Security Audit and Assessment
  • Server Maintenance
  • Long Term Support - Maintenance and Upgradation
  • Custom Solution

GNOME Shell Extensions and Chromium

Most GNOME users may be using one or more extensions for the GNOME Shell. These extensions allow extending functionality for the shell, or modify default behavior, to suit the taste of many users, who may want more than the default. Having flexibility to customize the desktop to ones personal need is a great feature, and the extensions help achieve them. The GNOME Shell Extensions distribution mechanism is primarily through the web. [Read More]

Laptop Mode Tools 1.70

I’m pleased to announce the release of Laptop Mode Tools, version 1.70. This release adds support for AHCI Runtime PM, introduced in Linux 4.6. It also includes many important bug fixes, mostly related to invocation and determination of power states. Changelog: 1.70 - Sat Sep 24 16:51:02 IST 2016 * Deal harder with broken battery states * On machines with 2+ batteries, determine states from all batteries * Limit status message logging frequency. [Read More]

apt-offline 1.7.1 released

I am happy to mention the release of apt-offline, version 1.7.1. This release includes many bug fixes, code cleanups and better integration. Integration with PolicyKit Better integration with apt gpg keyring Resilient to failures when a sub-task errors out New Feature: Changelog This release adds the ability to deal with package changelogs (’ set ‘ command option: --generate-changelog ) based on what is installed, extract changelog (Currently support with python-apt only) from downloaded packages and display them during installation (’ install ‘ command opiton: --skip-changelog , if you want to skip display of changelog) New Option: --apt-backend Users can now opt to choose an apt backend of their choice. [Read More]

User Mode Linux

Recently, we had the User-Mode Linux suite out of Debian, which included user- mode-linux, user-mode-linux-doc and uml-utilities package. We are happy that we were able to bring it back into the archvie quick, and hope to maintain it active. For many who may not know about UML, here’s a discription from its website: User-Mode Linux is a safe, secure way of running Linux versions and Linux processes. Run buggy software, experiment with new Linux kernels or distributions, and poke around in the internals of Linux, all without risking your main Linux setup. [Read More]

Fully SSL for my website

I finally made full switch to SSL for my website. Thanks to this simple howto on Let’s Encrypt. I had to use the upstream git repo though. The Debian packaged tool, letsencrypt.sh, did not have enough documentation/pointers in place. And finally, thanks to the Let’s Encrypt project as a whole.

PS: http is now redirected to https. I hope nothing really breaks externally.

Leprosy in India

During my recent travel, I had quite a long layover at the Doha International Airport in Qatar. While killing time, I watched an interesting programme on the Al Jazeera network. The program aired on Al Jazeera is Lifelines. This special episode I watched, covered about “Leprosy in India”. After having watched the entire programme, I felt the urge to blog about it. First of all, it was quite depressing to me, to know through the programme, that the Govt. [Read More]

Dasha (Ten) Mahavidya – Part I

Dasha (Ten) Mahavidya – Part I Posted by VIBHOR MAHAJAN on JANUARY 6, 2016 There is a deep quintessential need in the human psyche for a mother. It is said; the Goddess was humankind’s earliest conception of divinity. Among the Shakthas who worship Mother Goddess, the source of all existence is female. God is woman. She is the principle representation of Divinity. She is that power which resides in all life as consciousness, mind, matter, energy, silence, joy as also disturbance and violence. [Read More]