Ashtkoot Guna Milan

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Ashtkoot Guna Milan
Ashtkoot Guna Milan is an astrological system of matching the compatibility factor of the bride and groom before getting married. In this system, the Moon sign i.e Rashi, Birth Nakshatras and the Moon's Chart of the Bride and Groom, are taken into account for assessing the compatibility between them. In this astrological system 8 factors are considered into account which are :
  1. Varna
  2. Vashya
  3. Tara
  4. Yoni
  5. Graha-Maitri
  6. Gana
  7. Bhakoot
  8. Nadi
The Weightage or Guna alloted to each factor is same as its serial number i.e 1 to 8 and totalling 36 as the maximum score. Here any scoring more than or equal to 18 points are considered to be Ok for getting married .
Here i would like to further clarify what are the above mentioned 8 criterias.
1. Varna: In simple term, Varna refers to castism. The hindu mythology has divided people in to 4 major varnas or castes. These castes are Brahmin, Kshetriya, Vaishya & Shudra. Similarly the twelve zodiac signs are governed by these 4 varnas. Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio which represent "Water" are a part of the Brahmana Varna. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius which represent "Fire" are a part of the Kshetriya Varna. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn which represent "Earth" are part of the Vaishya Varna. And finally Gemini, Libra and Aquarius  representing "Air" are a part of the Shudra Varna. Now the principle of the Ashtkoot milan says that the Varna of the groom must be superior or equal to the Varna of girl.
In hindu mythology, the grading of castism has been done as:
  • Brahmin the most superior cast of all 4
  • Kshetriya being superior to Vaishya and Shudra but inferior with Brahmin
  • Vaishya are superior to Shudra but inferior to Brahmin & Kshetriya
  • Shudra are the lowest amoung the 4 casts
2. Vashya:  Vashya means attraction. This criteria governs total of two points. Ashtkoot milan grants 2 points when Vashya of the bride and the groom are same. If one is Vashya and the other is Shatru, then only 1 point is awarded. Similarly, if one is Vashya and the other is Bhakshak then only ½ points are awarded. No points are awarded if one is Shatru and the other is Bhakshak.
3. Tara: It refers to longevity of either. Three points are alloted for this criteria. Here, the Birth Nakshatra of the bride and the groom are analyzed for Tara Milan. Maximum 3 points are allotted when both the bride and groom have auspicious Tara.
4. Yoni: It refers to the nature and characteristics. Four points are allotted for it. Yoni is determined on the basis of the birth nakshatra. Bride and the Groom belonging to same yoni are considered to be auspicious match.  Over friendly Yonis of the bride and the groom are awarded 4 points. Whereas, simply friendly yonis are awarded 3 points, 2 points for easily compatible yoni and 1 point for common enmity. However, no point is awarded for  enemy yonis. There are some Yonis which are enemies to each other. For example : Marjar (Cat) and Mushak (Mouse), Gau (Cow) and Vyagrah (Tiger). They can never get along well. 
5. Graha-Maitri: It refers to natural friendship. Five points are allotted for it. Here, natural friendship relationship between the moonsign's ruling lord of the bride and groom are analyzed. 5 points are awarded when the lords of the Moon signs of the bride and the groom are friendly to each other. If the lord of the moon sign of one is friendly and the other is even,  then 4 points are awarded to this milan. 3 points are awarded if the lords of the moon sign of both are even.  However, if the lords of the moon sign of both the bride and groom are enemies of each other then no points are awarded. It is belived that friendly relationship amoung the moon sign's ruling lord of the bride and groom leads to a smooth, happy and peaceful married life.
6. Gana: It refers to mental compatibility. Six points are allotted for it. Gana is analyzed on the basis of the birth nakshatra .
There are 3 types of Gana which are:
  • Deva Gana
  • Manushya (Human) Gana
  • Rakshasa (Demon) Gana
6 points are awarded when the bride and groom both belong to same gana or if the groom belongs to Deva gana and the bride to Manava (Manushya). 5 points are awarded when the groom belongs to manav gana and the bride to deva gana. No points are awarded if one belongs to deva gana and the other to rakshasa gana. This match is not considered auspicious for marriage.
7. Bhakoot: It refers to mutual Love / Relative influence of one, on the other. It contributes 7 points. Here the position of the moon sign of the bride and groom are compared with each other to  decide whether the pair is compatible enough to lead a blissful life in all respect. For this purposes, calculation of the position of one's Moon Sign from other's Moon Sign is determined. Here the zodiac sign occupied by the moon in the horoscope of the boy is compared to that of girl’s horoscope with regard to its relative numerical position such as: -
  • Same Rashi (1/1 axis or conjunction) - 7 points
  • Sextile (3/11 axis) - 7 points
  • Square (4/10 axis) - 7 points
  • Opposition (1/7 axis) - 7 points
  • Semi Sextile (2/12 axis) - 0 points
  • Trine (5/9 axis) - 0 points 
  • Shadashtak (6/8 axis) - 0 points
It is said that the Bhakoot Dosha of: -
(i) 6/8 axis can cause danger to life of either of the partners
(ii) 5/9 axis can cause delay, denial or loss of progeny
(iii) 2/12 axis can cause poverty.
8. Nadi: It means nerves / pulse. It is refers to assesment/possibility of child birth (Progeny). It contributes 8 points. Imbalance in Nadi  is called Nadi Dosham. Nadi deals with the genetic compatibility between the couple to produce healthy progeny after marriage. Nadi Dosha is formed when the boy and girl are having same Nadi. Even scientifically, it is proven that if girl and boy have same Nadi/Prakriti then, their offspring will be physically weaker.
There are three types of Nadis. They are Aadi Nadi,Madhya Nadi and Antya Nadi. Aadi represents Vatta while Madhya nadi represents pitta prakriti and the antya nadi represent kapha prakriti.
Nadi Dosha exists if proposed husband and wife are having same Nadi. If Nadis of proposed husband and wife are different to each other then nadi dosham doesn't takes place and  in that case 8 points are rewarded .Here the couple bear physically stronger children. 
There are certain exceptions to Nadi Dosham.
According to Muhurta Martanda :
  • If both Male and Female have same Moon Sign but their birth Nakshatras are different ,then  Nadi Dosh is said to be nullified.
  • If both Male and Female have same birth Nakshatra but the Moon Signs are different, then Nadi Dosh is said to be nullified.
  • The 5th House of Lagan kundali of both girl & boy should be checked as House No- 5 is considered house of Children. If girl and boy have Nadi dosh 5th house gets effected that causes infertiliy.
The placement of Jupiter in both girl & boy's horoscopes is most important as Jupiter is considered as Putrakarak planet.
Nadi Dosha is the most serious Dosha among the 8 kootas of matching. The couple would be deprived of marital happiness either due to separation or loss of partner or due to severe health problem to them or their children. 




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